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Building the Rapid Fire RVZ58


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Remove upper Handguard, Gas Piston and Spring then remove lower Handguard pin

Remove Barrel Pin - Old pin will not be re-used. A new 4mm pin is included with

the compliance parts.

Retain the Handguard Pin for later use

Use Barrel Arbor to press barrel out of stub. You may find it necessary to heat the

stub to get your barrel to break free. In extreme cases it may be necessary to

slit the side or bottom of the stub to get the stub off of your barrel.

Rapid Fire will be producing hardened arbors.


Note: Rapid Fire is supplying receivers with all holes reamed to size

Remove full auto leaf from multi-function spring
Multi-function spring with full auto leaf removed

Open rear rivet hole to 4mm - Note: This allows a rivet with the proper size head

be used which will hold the multi-function spring in place without the need for a

washer under the rivet head. We are supplying the receiver with a 3mm hole in

case someone wants to use the original 3mm size rivet.

Open rear trigger guard hole to 4mm
Rivet set modified to clear multi-function spring leaf

The feed ramp didn't get machined in receivers serial 5 - 120. If you do not

want to return your receiver to Rapid Fire and do it yourself, then here is a drawing

showing how it should be cut.


Place 3mm rivet from compliance parts set into front trigger guard

rivet hole

Upset rivet using a punch

Place 4mm rivet and multi-function spring in place with stem of rivet

passing thru spring, receiver, and rear trigger guard hole. Upset rivet with

modified rivet set.


Install the muzzle extension of your choice. Remember that the overall length

of the barrel must be over 16" in length unless you are building a registered SBR.

Extension MUST be welded, blind pinned or silver soldered in place for your build to be

compliant with Federal law.


Place gas piston stop in place. I held it in position with a little axel grease and

you should also smear some grease on the inside of the receiver barrel bore and

outside surface of the barrel that will be pressed into the receiver.

  Start barrel into receiver - DON'T FORGET TO INSTALL GAS PISTON STOP

Place bolt (with lock) and "GO" gauge in receiver and engage bolt locking "ears"

into the receiver's locking recesses.

Press barrel into receiver until it "hard" stops on "GO" gauge
Cross drill barreled receiver with a 4mm drill using the dimple in receiver as guide
Install new 4mm barrel pin which is supplied in your compliance parts package.
Install Ejector from parts kit and stake in place

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